Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Better Hydration, Virtual Broad Street Run, and More Updates

 Wow. It's been over a month since my last update. Oops. To my one reader (hi mom), sorry for the delay in posts.

So this past month, I found a hydration bag that works well for me. I got it at this cool store near my sister's house called Sierra. It's basically TJ Maxx for outdoors. Seriously, it's owned by the same parent company as TD Maxx, Marshalls, etc. Anyway, I found a great bag with a two liter bladder. I then started looking up cleaning supplies and was shocked how expensive the cleaning tablets for the bladders cost. Thank Reddit for advice. I discovered that instead of the special "hydration bladder" tablets, I could use Eefferdent tablets. That's right, the same tablets that your grandparents use for their dentures.

Wearing my new Broad Street Run gear on MLK.
I just got a new pair of sneakers because my current pair is at the end of their life. I thought they were suppose to get about 300 miles and I used the Runkeeper app which not only tracks my runs, but tracks the mileage on the sneakers if I hit reset when I replace my sneakers. The current pair has 200 miles but obviously won't get another 100 miles comfortably. Philadelphia Runner helped me as usual and special ordered the color I wanted in the size I needed. They arrived this week in the mail so I will be trying them out on my next run.

Last week, my Broad Street Run swag arrived. It felt kind of bitter sweet that what should have been my fourth year running my first long distance race was first postponed before ultimately (and for good reason) being changed to a virtual run. I put on the new shirt and buff before taking a nice Sunday run of 14 miles. For it to count as a Virtual Broad Street Run, I need to run 10 miles one day between September 12 and September 28, 2020. It will also count as year four towards my ten year tenured runner count. Wow, I'm almost halfway to being a tenured runner when I didn't think I'd even survive year one.

Alright. You are now all caught up on my last month. I promise not to go so long between posts again.