Sunday, July 26, 2020

I Need Better Hydration

The last few long runs I've taken have been extremely hot. My running belt carries a 15 ounce bottle of water but it doesn't last me long. I've ended up needing to stop at random stores to buy more water. I stopped at a Wawa, a CVS, and an Acme just to grab a bottle of water. I would really prefer not to have to stop mid-run. For one, it ruins my flow. Secondly, I would prefer to avoid other people as much as possible but going into a store is not avoiding people.

I started looking for one of those backpack water bottles but they're not cheap. The "cheap" ones start at around $30 and the recommended brands start at $50. So when I found one at Target for $25 and had a coupon that took it down to $20, I grabbed it. Sadly I had to return the bag because it seems the reason it was so cheap was because it didn't include a bladder.

I'm going to keep trying to find a better hydration option. If you have any suggestions that don't cost $100, please leave them in the comments.