Sunday, May 17, 2020

Forbidden Drive

Sporting my new
#TeamUltra shirt
Today I decided to not only try a new trail, but do a half marathon distance. So I looked at a map and determined that if I took Forbidden Drive from Lincoln Drive to Bells Mill Road, it would be a half marathon from when I left my house until I returned.

The trail was interesting. There were lots of people, but it wasn't overly crowded and it was easy to stay away from others. I even saw this really cute mini-horse pulling a guy in a wagon. I've seen mini-horses before, but never like this. Later on the trail, I saw a few full-size horses as well which was kind of cool. I did have to watch the ground as I ran though to avoid a surprise.
Mini-horse drawn cart.

Last week when I ran 10 miles, I noticed I was hungry by the end. Also why I stopped for ice cream at mile 8. I know a lot of runners carry those energy packs when they run so I decided to try one. The only brand I could find in the grocery store was a Gatorade chew so I bought it. It actually tasted pretty good when I ate it around mile seven. I'm not sure if it really helped, but I wasn't suffering from those hunger pains and was able to finish. When I did get home, I tried a new frozen treat I found at Target. It was blueberries and frozen Greek yogurt. It was a great post-run snack.

Actual distance was 13.33 miles
for the entire loop.