Sunday, June 7, 2020

Stretching My Distance

14.78 miles
Today I added an extra mile to my long run, reaching 14.78 miles. My goal for the day was 15 miles but my route came up slightly short.

Someone told me that the Wissahickon Valley Park Trail that I can get on in Manayunk would take me up to Valley Green Inn where I could return from Forbidden Drive, so I tried it. Turns out that person was wrong or I just didn't find a trail that connected. As I got further away from Manayunk, I kept checking the map but couldn't figure out where to turn off. Eventually there was a three-way fork in the road and I took the wrong fork. When I reached a sign that said Welcome to Montgomery County I turned around because otherwise I would have ended up in Conshohocken.

I'm going to have to keep trying to figure out these trails as I extend my weekend distances. I have a steady 5K route at this point for weekdays, but my weekend runs will need to continue to expand so that I can reach 26.1 miles in November.
Just keep running.