Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The only thing I have to lose is weight

A few days ago, I got an email from my insurance company. The subject line read "Slim down with $0 out of pocket" so of course I opened it. Inside "Join today for your chance to win a $75 Visa gift card." When I told my colleague I was going to sign up, he laughed and said no one ever wins those things.

As someone that has won many raffles, contests, and TV trips I beg to differ. However, the chance to win wasn't the actual reason I decided to sign-up. A few years ago when I was going to a registered dietitian I lost the most weight ever. I went from a BMI that was considered morbidly obese to overweight. I never actually made it to "normal" but I felt great. Then this past year, my weight slowly started to creep up again. I'm still overweight and not obese.

This program through the insurance company includes a weekly conference call for group success. They also provide one on one counseling, fitness dvds, and more.

I'm hoping that this program will help me lose back the weight I gained while also helping me train for the marathon.

Eight months until NYC.