Saturday, March 7, 2020

Bridge running + fear of heights = never again

Me in front of Yards.
Before I started the Run.
Today I went out to Yards Brewery to meet up with Team DetermiNATION. I did some things I've never done before today.

  1. I ran in NJ (sort of)
  2. I ran across a bridge

Me on the Ben Frankin Bridge.
Half-way across the bridge.
Then I realized, I am never doing it again. I know that the NYC Marathon passes over bridges, but I thought it would feel like when I drive over the bridges. However, running was much different. First of all, the pedestrian path was elevated. Secondly, if you look over the edge on one side you saw the river and the other side you saw the road. It was very disoriented and made it really hard. The wind didn't help, although I can't really blame the wind for my fear.

After the run, I hung out with the group at Yards for a while. It was fun and I met a lot of people that will be supporting my goals. The ACS team is great and really want their runners to succeed with the fundraising goals.

  1. I also learned some things about the New York Marathon.
  2. It's very hilly.
  3. If possible, run the top of the Verrazzano Bridge
  4. Talk to the NYC team to find out the best locations for my family to cheer. There are "better" locations so they can take the subway and cheer multiple times.

I can do this.