Monday, March 23, 2020

Running While Social Distancing

You would think that since I normally go for runs by myself, that social distancing wouldn't change anything. Sadly it really does. I never realized how narrow some paths were until trying not to come within six feet of other people.
Early morning on Kelly Drive

Philadelphia Runner created a Facebook group that really has helped. People are posting runs they do and sharing which trails are more crowded than others. PR Solo has weekly challenges with prizes (thanks Philadelphia Runner for the new long sleeve shirt). I will say I'm not sure if PR in this case stands for Personal Record or Philadelphia Runner, but I'm assuming Philadelphia Runner.

The city opened MLK Drive early this year for recreational activity in hopes to give people more space, but from what I've heard it's more crowded than usual. Therefore, I've been sticking to running around neighborhoods on the sidewalk instead of trails. I don't want my attempts to get/stay healthy to put me at risk.

Today, a few announcements regarding physical events came out. The Broad Street Run has been postponed until October and the International Olympic Committee announced that Tokyo 2020 has been postponed. Obviously the Olympics being postponed doesn't affect me personally, but it's still a huge move.

Stay safe everyone!