Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Quarantine Running

My new Philadelphia Runner shirt I
won from the #PRSolo Facebook page.
It's amazing how much more I've been running since everything is closed down. Not only have I been hitting the streets more, I've been increasing my speed. Seriously, my average mile has dropped by at least thirty seconds. I did a long run of eight miles on Sunday and I plan to do another long run this coming weekend.

It's actually kind of cool how much of my neighborhood I've discovered by avoiding the main trails. I've just been running though residential streets, keeping my directions semi-fixed.

So now I'm working on finding prizes for my virtual Quizzo fundraiser. I've already created four rounds of trivia and a Google Form that auto-grades answers. The only thing left is prizes before I start advertising. I can't exactly ask people to donate to play if they're not going to have the chance to win something. Right?