Sunday, April 10, 2022

Upgraded to Paid Strava Account

I recently did the two-month trial of Strava's premium features and ended up paying to keep them. Not because I want/need the detailed analysis of my running but because of the safety features.

There have been a few incidents in my area recently involving runners and since I tend to run alone it has made me very nervous. I want my emergency contact to know when I'm out and have access to my real-time GPS location. While they made Beacon free for all, you need to manually go into the app every time and activate it to send the link. With Strava's premium account, anytime I start a GPS based workout from my watch, a text message is sent with a link to track live. So for under $6 per month (billed as $59.99+tax for a year) I have that peace of mind as I go out running, walking, biking, etc.

Is it really worth it? Probably not since I can manually start it via the app but for safety, but I like the automation. My watch is also set to auto-detect running. So if I don't hit the start button and just start moving at a running speed for over three minutes it'll also alert my emergency contact with the GPS link and all. So for my peace of mind, I paid for the year with my Google Play credits that I earned  from the Google Opinion Rewards app so it didn't actually cost me anything for the year. Maybe by next year they'll lower the cost or make Beacon's automatic option an à la carte cheaper feature.