Thursday, March 31, 2022

March Movement Madness

Benny loves a pup cup.
This has been a crazy month. In my attempt to win my way back onto #TeamUltra, I participated in the #ULTRAMarathonGiveaway for #MarchMadness by @michelobULTRA. The challenge was to go at least one mile per day for the month of March. They called it #MarchMovementMadness.

Well, I realized a lot this month about myself. First, Benny and I do actually take one mile walks most days and I just don't track it. In fact, when we go to C&C for a treat, it's over a mile each way. Two, leaving work at lunch to take a walk is a great stress reliever. And three, my running speeds have actually improved from all the walking. 

Garmin 400,000 Step Challenge
The good timing of a Garmin challenge also came during March and I participated in a 400,000 step challenge. I hit the goal with two hours to spare before the challenge closes. That's right, I made it 400,000 steps in one month. 

So even though March is over, I plan to continue this daily getting out for at least a mindful mile. I just won't be tracking it all on Strava but my Garmin will still be tracking my steps and total mileage. 

I hope that I get the chance to run the #TCSNYCMarathon for a second time.