Sunday, March 6, 2022

Hopefully Earning My Way Back to NYC with Team

Last year, I won a contest on Twitter to join #TeamUltra at the TCS New York City Marathon. It was an amazing experience that I hope to repeat in 2022. Therefore, I am actively entering every challenge they host to earn my spot again.

The March challenge is to go at least a mile per day for March Madness. I'm not sure if the challenge winners will be selected randomly or by creatively or some other criteria so I decided to go all out with my social media posts. I took the pre-made tracker and uploaded it to Canva where I pre-made my 31 counter images along with a matching memory for the 2021 NYC Marathon. Each day, I'm posting a three image post to Instagram and sharing it to Twitter. 

  • Screenshot of post from March 5, 2022
    the counter
  • selfie from the day
  • memory from 2021
When I post to Instagram, I'm also including a link to the activity's tracking on Strava to show I really went the distance and didn't just claim to walk/run.

Since I had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday, I can't run for a least a week. The surgeon said I had to wait at least 72 hours but I'm going to wait a few extra days until I'm finished with the pain killers.

Starbucks Challenge
Additionally during the month of March, I'm trying to win free Starbucks through Garmin. The challenge is to take 400,000 steps during the month of March. This is equivalent to about 13,000 steps or about six miles per day.

This means that March will be a very active month, even with my limitations as I heal.

#ULTRAMarathonGiveaway #MarchMadness #MarchMovementMadness