Monday, June 7, 2021

The Heat is Back... Yikes

Extra Water and Ice
Remember when I was complaining about the cold? Can it come back? Seriously, I went for my long run of the week yesterday and it was torture in 90+° weather. If you remember back to last summer, I purchased a 2L bladder backpack. Well, I not only went through the 2L bladder, but I stopped at 7-Eleven and purchased another 24 ounces plus the largest size cup full of ice to refill the bag. This didn't last the whole way home. 

Puppy Eyes
Meanwhile, I did try another new product yesterday. I found Powerade Ice Pops at the grocery store. They look like those old multi-colored ice pops we use to enjoy as kids but made with electrolytes and such. It was a very cool treat when I walked back into the air conditioning. Until of course Benny dragged me right back out into the heat. Seriously, how can I say no to that face?

My long run ended up taking way longer than usual because I had to stop mid-way due to the heat. I kept going because I obviously needed to get home but the heat was really messing with me and I was starting to get worried. When I stopped to buy more water, I considered calling an Uber home. Instead, I went in the direction of Forbidden Drive where I knew it was shaded and that definitely helped. I also knew that Forbidden Drive had the rivers. If I really needed to cool down, I could splash some water on me.

I made it home and I'm going to reconsider routes in this kind of heat to remain shaded and have places to refill my water along the route. 

Had to rest after segments.