Thursday, April 8, 2021

Switching to Strava (Maybe)

When I first started tracking my exercise, I was using MapMyRun. Why? Because I got access to a free premium membership when I got my free (notice a pattern) Samsung Gear Fit2 when I bought my new phone. I got really use to MapMyRun's layout and features. Then the free premium account expired after almost three years. The ads didn't bother me but the one feature I used for every run no longer functioned: the interval timer. I had gotten so use to that little voice going "high intensity" and "low intensity" as I ran.

After looking into other running apps started using Runkeeper from Asics which had the interval timer, but I had to set it every time and it wasn't able to be saved as a default/preference. Then the app suddenly started freezing on my phone. 

So once again, I was looking for an option. Strava is a popular running app because of its social aspects. So I decided to give it a try. Now, I'm not upgrading to premium right now but I am going to try tracking with it for a few weeks. I also found a second free app, Interval Timer - HIIT Training, which allows me to just set a custom timer which beeps in repeating intervals. 

We'll see what happens. Maybe the social aspect of Strava will be good for me.