Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Wish Me Luck (I Went With Option 1)

Running in my Team DetermiNation shirt.
 So I just submitted my response to ACS and I choose option 1. This means that I will 100% be running the NYC marathon in the next three years, but I won't know which year for a few more months. I will be randomly assigned 2021, 2022, or 2023.

Meanwhile, the weather is getting nicer out for running and I went out Sunday for a 12.5 miles run, well I walked the end. The ten mile mark ended up being exactly at the pet bakery so I stopped and got Benny a treat to bring home, before walking next door and getting myself a bubble tea. I then walked home while enjoying my drink.

Doing 10-15 miles doesn't scare me any more but I'm honestly not sure I would have been ready for 26.1 miles in three weeks, the original date of the 2020 NYC Marathon. I also know that once the marathon was canceled, I didn't work as hard on training as I had originally planned to. I think having that goal and date is what really helps keep me motivated. 

So moving forward, I'm going to try and find ways to motivate myself to get out there and run. There really is no excuse because it doesn't cost anything to run other than the actual races and I already bought my next pair of sneakers since my current pair is almost at end of life. I've put 223 miles on them and the experts say sneakers should be replaced every 300 miles. Luckily my running app tracks this for me.

As soon as I have an official year from NYRR, I'll let you know which marathon I will be participating in. Meanwhile, please consider making a donation to my American Cancer Society fundraiser. Every small donation helps.