Thursday, June 25, 2020

Fundraising Update

After getting a vague "we'll hold a Zoom call on Monday" message from Team DetermiNation I sent them an email asking for clarification. While nothing is definite yet, it did give me some clarification. At least, I hope I understood his email correctly.

  1. I will not have to raise the $3100 by November 2020. However, when I have a new race to participate in, I will have a new "due date" for fundraising.
    • Any money I raised so far will go to the next marathon when ACS determines how many bibs they have.
  2. They don't currently know how many spots they will have for 2021, but will be giving them out based on who was signed up for 2020.
    • The list will be ordered based on fundraising up to this point.
  3. If I am too low on the list for 2021, I will be offered 2022 or 2023.

Email Response from Team Determination