Monday, June 29, 2020

Fundraising Update 2.0

Today we had a Zoom call with American Cancer Society to get more information regarding the canceled NYC Marathon 2020 and what it means moving forward. As was mentioned last week in the email, they don't currently know how many spots they will have for 2021. I did receive clarification that they will give the 2021 bibs based on the fundraising when they get a number.

So while right now, I'm in the top 30 (I've currently raised $961), I can move up the list if I raise more money or down if someone else raises more. Therefore, if I want to make sure I have a spot for 2021 I need to keep fundraising and make sure I don't drop on the list. If I do not get a spot in 2021, the money I raise will count towards a future race's fundraising goal of my choice (including future NYC Marathons in 2022, 2023, etc).

Thank you everyone for supporting my fundraising efforts for The American Cancer Society and my attempt to complete my first marathon in NYC, whenever the next marathon is held.