Monday, April 13, 2020

First Long Run of 2020

Map of Run
Yesterday was a beautiful day. Temperatures were in the sixties and the sky was clear. With that in mind, I stepped out the front door planning to run for a while. There's nothing else to do right now anyway.

I ended up going a little over ten miles. It was definetly slower than my normal pace, but there were two excuses for that. Yes, I said excuses. I have no proof that either is the reason I went slower, but I'm using them to make myself feel better.

  1. I was wearing a mask while running and it made it a little harder to breathe and really hot.
  2. I was participating in the Good Day for a Run Scavenger Hunt. It was actually a lot of fun and added a purpose to the run.

Picture at Pretzel Park wearing my mask.
As I continue training for the marathon, my goal is to add a mile every other week. This will hopefully pace me for 26.2 miles by November.