Monday, February 17, 2020

When getting lost leads to an adventure

The map showing the part of Henry that caused
my detour this week.
Right now, my goal is I will do one longer run per week. Depending on the weather it will either be Saturday or Sunday morning. Yesterday, I went for a run when I ended up on a slight adventure. Let me explain.

I started as usual, heading towards Main Street. I then turned uphill to reach Ridge. Once on Ridge, I obviously went farther than I normally do and turned towards Henry at Gorgas Park. The problem started here. I didn't realize that Henry didn't have sidewalks the entire way. Yikes.

So after about a block of running really close to the edge of the bike lane, as far from cars as I could get. I turned back towards Ridge. I figured I could do a jug handle type of path and end up further down Henry where sidewalks existed. Turns out I was right, but it wasn't a straight path.

Random horse in
urban Philadelphia.
Green Lane seems to curve downhill and back uphill, going UNDER Henry before returning to Henry. I had no idea where I was and started to worry that I was heading towards Forbidden Drive and would end up way farther from my destination. I was getting ready to turn around when I saw a guy parking his car. After he confirmed that I'd end up back on Henry, I kept going. I've lived here for ten years, and this was the first time I saw this area of Roxborough. I knew that Forbidden Drive and parts of Fairmount Park had signs designating which paths allowed horseback, but I'd never seen something like this. While running, I passed a house with a single horse fenced in. This was less than a block from an entrance to the park.

Sometimes getting lost can lead to the most amazing experiences. Since I had my phone with maps, I knew I'd eventually get home. If I was too far away, I'd just request a Lyft. See, happy ending!