Thursday, February 13, 2020

Planning a Trip and Including a 5K

Next month, I will be flying across datelines to attend a conference in Sydney Australia [insert happy screams]. The conference is going to be jam packed, but I decided to make sure I run at least once during the week.

With that in mind, I mapped out a 5K loop that will start at the hotel, go out to the water and past the Sydney Opera House, before cutting through the Botanical Gardens (hopefully it's open to the public), and returning back to the hotel. My plan is to run Friday morning. The conference ends Thursday night, and my flight home is Friday at 1pm so we'll be leaving the hotel around 10am. If I wake up and run, I can be back at the hotel with enough time to finish getting ready for the 27 hour flight home. Then I'll sleep on the plane. See, it'll work. Right?
Proposed 5K in Sydney