Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Sitting Out of Broad Street 2024

I am very sad to write this post. Today was hard, but this past week has been harder. I had emergency gallbladder surgery on Tuesday and sadly was sidelined for today's Broad Street Run. I'm less than a week post surgery and haven't been medically cleared to do anything more than walking. I have run through sinus infections and back flare-ups, but I can't run through surgery recovery. Honestly, just walking Benny is making me need a nap right now.

Meanwhile, I am so grateful to my mother. While still at the radiologist, I called my mom. Before I could even tell her how scared I was, I heard her talking to my dad and booking a flight. My mom got to the hospital in Philadelphia before I was even out of the ER and in a room. She got the first flight from Florida and even sat in a middle seat just to get to me.