Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Start of NYC Souvenirs

Feetures NYC
 Alright. I might be crazy. I just spent $30 on two pairs of socks. Oh come on, you'd buy these too if you saw them. I currently wear Feetures socks when I run after they were originally recommended by Philadelphia Runner. I just normally buy the generic/solid-colored socks in the store and not special ones from the website. 

When I learned they had Boston and Chicago socks, I started stalking the website until they came out with the no-shows. I then emailed and found out the mini-crew socks were coming in a few days. At that point, I created an account and then shared the Feetures referral link on tons of NYC Marathon pages. I got over nine referrals but learned after that you can't combine the $10 vouchers so I wasn't able to actually get free socks. Instead, I got $10 off one purchase and still have nine more $10 vouchers.

I can't wait for these to arrive and hopefully, if I get at least one trial run in with them before November 7th I can wear them for the marathon. Otherwise, I'll wear my other Feetures which are just gray for the marathon and save these for the next event.