Monday, September 27, 2021

Longest Run Ever (So Far...)

Betsy Ross House
This weekend on Saturday, I did a training run that was my longest to date. 16.5 miles from East Falls to Penn's Landing and back. I slowed a few times, including walking the last mile (maybe two) but I finished and that's the important part.

I also learned a few things during this run which will help me as I continue reaching for the full marathon on November 7th. 
  1. Even though Honey Stinger is the brand of gels that will be on the course, I didn't feel the same burst of energy from the caffeinated Honey Stinger (32mg of caffeine) I tried as I did from the GU Energy Roctane (35mg of caffeine) I previously tried. I don't think 3mg makes a huge difference but the other ingredients along with the delivery might have. the Honey Stinger was gummy chews while the GU was a gel. 
  2. Make sure to take in more throughout. The beginning of my run went great. When I got to Penn's Landing I felt like a million bucks. As I got close to the art museum on my return, I started to feel tired. Half way down MLK, I was walking home. 
  3. Ice and Ibuprofen when I finished was a must. I felt it in my back towards the end but I powered through. After sitting down on the couch though, it was really hard to get back up. Interestingly, I was fine on Sunday but Monday I was really feeling it.
  4. I've purchased a belt to try since I can't use an "over the shoulder" hydration solution at the marathon. I noticed after this 16 miles though, I had some sensitive skin where the bag's straps were rubbing so maybe this is a good thing that I can't use it for longer distance?
Penn's Landing
I have less than 40 days until NYC 2021 and I'm going to do it. Even if I crawl across that finish line, I am going to cross it. I might not walk for a week after, but I will cross that finish line in Central Park. I can do this.