Saturday, June 20, 2020

Kicking Up My Fundraising Efforts

I'm so excited. Now that I got the non-profit letter from Team DetermiNation, I started sending emails out to local businesses and some national vendors that I have worked with for education.

So far, I have gotten two positive responses. Couch Tomato in Manyuank donated a raffle prize for a local fundraiser and MakeyMakey is donating a prize for my family scavenger hunt that I'm currently organizing.

I am so excited to see these prizes start coming in so I can host some fundraisers. The raffle will be hosted locally but the scavenger hunt will be virtual with prizes being mailed to winners.

Stay tuned for more information. Meanwhile you can also donate directly to the fundraiser using the link in the sidebar.

First donated raffle prize
$25 Couch Tomato Gift Card